This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco 
In my recent paintings, I create fictional portraits that are a synthesis of imagination, found images, and art historical sources to explore the fluidity of identity and time. Each painting presents a larger-than-life size figure in patterned clothing against a monochromatic field, gazing at something or someone outside the frame. Collectively, they form a community. This body of work is rooted in my love of painting, loss of loved ones, and curiosity about people’s inner lives. 
The paintings are process-driven. After drawing sketchbook studies, I paint with acrylic and oil on wood panels, transforming color, scale, pattern, facial expression and body gesture until a specific presence emerges, rather than a likeness. The surfaces of the paintings vary, including areas scraped down to the bare wood next to passages of lush paint, and often display traces of ghost lines. My inspirations include paintings by the German Expressionist Paula Modersohn-Becker, the textiles of 20thc. artist Anni Albers, and portraits by contemporary painter Chantal Joffe. The title This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco is the refrain in a Talking Heads song*, part of the soundtrack of my formative years as an artist, and it also references the current cultural moment. In a time of individual and collective loss, daily life goes on and we navigate our way – slowly maybe, but we keep moving. 

* “Life During Wartime” by Talking Heads, from the 1979 album Fear of Music.