Artist Statement
"In the imagination, everything can be restored, everything mended, wounds healed, stories ended."   H is for Hawk - Helen Macdonald

A mentor once told me that artists work with the same metaphor all their lives, it just shape shifts in form, a statement that has proven true for me. The heart of my work focuses on love and loss, and the transitory nature of time and memory are the conceptual foundation of my studio practice.
I am committed to the practice of painting and drawing, the hand-made mark and the complexities of vision. I work to craft a rich physicality in the surfaces, creating images that live vibrantly in the present. I am most invested in the question of how we live with loss while engaging fully in life, integrating presence and absence in an on-going search for balance. Acknowledging the workings of time, I see paintings as acts of embodiment in the face of the ephemeral.

Painting in a digital age presents its practitioners with provocative issues of
representation and meaning. Art is one of the few places in our culture where we can experience the complexity, ambiguity, and beauty of being human. In an increasingly digitized, consumerist, and militaristic culture, painting offers a synthesized connection between body, mind, and spirit and a space to grapple with mortality. As a discipline, painting retains a powerful ability to create moments of basic human connection across time and place.


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